Vicente Garcia and his Strive to be a Great Real Estate Sales Agent

Vicente Garcia is a prominent Sales Agent in San Diego California for closing a massive 1 Billion deal of houses in a span of 6 months in the age of 48 years old. His greatness as a Real Estate sales agent is not surprising because his parents Angela and Rodrigo Garcia are both engaged to the industry since Vicente was born last January 13, 1968.

But not everything about Vicente is rewarding, as a child Vicente was left with his Nanny Alicia all the time because his parents have to work as full time Real Estate agents. Without his parents telling him right from wrong, Vicente grew as a rebellious kid. He ditches classes, learns vises and even brought to boy school for several times as he engaged in illegal activities with his peers.

When Vicente reach adulthood, things have brightened up for the young rebel. He met the girl who changes his life for good. She is none other than Laura Mayfield. Laura is not an average girl, she is the smartest in their class and she is very popular as she represents their school on different academic and sport tournaments. She is the total opposite of Vicente and that makes him want her more, having a different circle of friends and lifestyle and being the total opposite of each other, Vicente watch as they go their separate ways when they graduated from high school. Since then, Vicente has never heard any news about Laura.

As he met and lost the women of his dreams, Vicente’s goals and life perspective change. He set aside his families misunderstanding and starts his new life as a studious, loving son and a great friend. His efforts were not wasted as he becomes an A List student when he was in college. But things suddenly become dark as he lost his father due to a car accident that took place when he was in his sophomore years.

His father sudden death took a great chunk out of his and his mother’s life. They started to loss everything they have and all that’s left to them is their house and his dreams of becoming a great Real Estate agent like his father. From then on, he took his father’s place as the only men in the house. He searches for a job, takes care of his mother and at the same time he is studying at night to finish his course which is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management.

As he graduated from his course, he did not left his current job as a sales agent in an ID boutique were he bumped to his long lost love Laura. The two got married when Laura conceived their first child named after Vicente’s father Rodrigo. As he works to sustain his family’s everyday living, he went to his work with a 2008 Renault Modus until he is discovered by a great Realtor who passed by their shop. He encourages Vicente in taking a shot at being a realtor and on the span of 6 months. He has able to close a 1 Billion which came as a surprise for he is a rooky.

Today, Vicente and Laura’s family is happily living at 2474 Metz Lane San Diego, CA 92121 and living a happy life as he pursues his dreams of being a renowned real Estate agent like his father.