Vicente E. Garcia presents: SAP SE Business Solutions-Products and Services

sapAs information technology continuously evolves, it has become the core of businesses in all sizes. Over the years a lot of companies started to invest in enterprise software that can help them manage their business. Using a cost-effective platform that can handle their business processes, large businesses can now integrate multiple data and processes. Different facets of operations can now meet using the most efficient and reliable communication and the data flow have never been too easy to manage. SAP SE is one of the responsible companies in making all of these possible. Founded in 1972 SAP SE has been continuously reinventing and updating their products and services, making the life of the business owners easy. SAP SE also known as Systems, Applications & Products in Data processing is a multinational software corporation headquartered in Walldorf, Baten-Wurttemberg, Germany with regional offices around the world. As one of the largest company that creates enterprise software, they have different products available depending on your business needs. One of them is the SAP Lumira formerly known as SAP Visual Intelligence. It’s a self-service, data visualization application that can alter data structures and correlations in the most convenient way they wanted it. SAP Lumira can also be used in conjunction with the SAP HANA, an in-memory platform that that allows processing large volumes of data in real-time. Its in-memory database infrastructure frees analysts from having to load or write-back data which is really efficient. HANA can run in parallel with SAP ERP application. SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning system which helps to manage the flow of information so the business decisions can be data-driven. The software is built to gather and organize the data from various levels of organization so it could provide management a real-time insight into key performance indicators or KPIs. In February 2015, SAP launched the most sophisticated version of its core software in line for 2 decades, S/4 HANA. The unified database platform promises to shorten the time to compile business accounts and forecast to minutes, instead of days. S/4 HANA can do that by analyzing vast amounts of data in local memory. Moreover, S/4 HANA provides instant-access retrieval instead of the slower call-and-response process of pulling the hard disk, CDs, or tapes. SAP SE offers a lot of different products and enterprise software that can truly lift your business and help you reduce the cost of operation. By keeping all of business processes connected, SAP SE was able to keep everything simple and smart.


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