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Five Pros and Cons of a Suzuki Grand Vitara

Are you planning to invest in a car this year? Do you have plans to try the Suzuki Grand Vitara? If so, then, let’s weigh in the five pros and cons of the Suzuki Grand Vitara to help you decide whether it is worth the penny that you will invest in or not. The first version of the Suzuki Grand Vitara was released in public in the year 2005.

The Five Pros of the Suzuki Grand Vitara

Pro # 1: Ease of operation

Unlike any other cars that are closely similar to the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the operating system of this model is fairly easy-to-use. Aside from that the overall operation and capacity are impressive.

Pro # 2: Steering wheel with audio controls

One of the main reasons why more and more favors the Suzuki Grand Vitara is due to the fact that the steering wheel comes with an audio control. Thus, it makes the whole trip a lot more exciting.

Pro # 3: Adjustable driver’s seat

To make each and every road trip comfortable, the Suzuki Grand Vitara comes with an adjustable driver seat. Therefore, if the designated driver for a trip is taller than the average, adjusting the driver seat can be done easily to provide additional leg room.

Pro # 4: The manual transmissions shifts in a smooth manner

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is also equipped with a manual transmission that swiftly shifts in a really smooth manner. In other words, driving the Suzuki Grand Vitara ensures a better drive in the long run.

Pro # 5: It has a good power

If you’re looking for a vehicle that has a good power, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is the best option. This is probably one of the main reasons why the Suzuki Grand Vitara is a sought after model that was released by Suzuki.

The Five Cons of Suzuki Grand Vitara

Con # 1: The back door has the tendency to swing

The Suzuki Grand Vitara has additional room in the back of the car. And one of the main problems with this is that the back door has the tendency to be loose and swing easily.

Con # 2: The driver’s seat can become too loose

Since the driver’s seat is adjustable, the adjusting mechanism has the tendency to affect the driver seat from being intact.

Con # 3: The compartments of the Suzuki Grand Vitara is limited

Though there is an additional space in the back seat, it is only limited to a few bags or boxes. Other than that, the seats in the front might be used to fold certain stuff.

Con # 4: The Suzuki Grand Vitara rattles so much

Even though the body of the Suzuki Grand Vitara looks tough, once the engine starts, the interior of the car tends to be shaky. This is due to some issues that the Suzuki Grand Vitara used tools that are not intact.

Con # 5: The reverse gear can be harder to maneuver

The manual transmission works fine, but, the reverse gear is another topic. It is harder to maneuver. If you are planning to buy a Suzuki Grand Vitara, make sure that you have a good control when it comes to maneuvering.


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